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Saori Maruyama - R17 (2001) DVD This TV series is about the goings on at a prestigious school for girls. In the 1st installment of this series. the Goddess is a tennis student who is being sexually harassed by the tennis coach. You can see her thought processes as she tries to figure out how she can get out of this. No one believes her except the new counselor (who is the star of this series) and she is powerless to stop the downward spiral that Saori is experiencing. Saori contemplates both suicide (by jumping off of a building) and contemplates murdering the tennis coach as well. Screen Shots http://chiakikuriyamashrine.com/Chiaki_as_Saori_Maruyama_%20Pt_1.htm
R17 with Chiaki KuriyamaR17 with Chiaki KuriyamaR17 with Chiaki KuriyamaR17 with Chiaki Kuriyama
R17 with Chiaki Kuriyama